Hi! I'm Anthony

a passionate introvert who loves building things with code.

About Me

During my undergraduate studies in mathematics, I discovered the creativity and joy that comes from solving problems. I thought this would be best put into practice as a teacher of mathematics.

After 10 years in the classroom, I have come to realize that the problems I encounter as a teacher are not the same kind of problems I enjoyed solving as an undergraduate. However, I discovered that building things with code presents the types of problems I do want to solve.

In late 2020, I started exploring the world of coding by studying Python and data analysis. By 2022, I was diving deep into web development and learning how to create interactive web applications with JavaScript.

With my newfound programming skills, I built my first web app — a mathematical quiz app — and I used a Python script which helped me more effectively communicate grades to my students. Both these projects presented challenges, but I enjoyed every minute of solving them. It reminded me of the joy I experienced when studying mathematics as an undergraduate.

Since completing these inaugural projects, I have continued to learn and grow. In August 2023, I graduated from the Scrimba Frontend Career Path, built projects with React, and continued to learn new skills such as deepening my understanding of data science. Currently, I am seeking a full-time role where I can bring my joy of problem-solving and technical abilities to have an impact and create prosperous outcomes for buisness objectives.


  • Data Analytics: Proficient in Python, R, SQL, and Tableau for data collection, transformation, and visualization
  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vite, Git, GitHub, REST APIs
  • Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry, Calculus
  • Statistics: Descriptive statistics, Inferential statistics, Probability theory, Statistical modeling, Data interpretation and analysis
  • Communication: Demonstrated ability to communicate complex concepts in educational, entertaining, and inspiring narratives
  • Project Management: Extensive experience with backward planning and task prioritization

For more details on my work experience and education, you can view my full resume/cv.


Scrimba certificate of completion for the Frontend Developer Career Path

Frontend Developer Career Path

Sololearn course certificate for Theoretical and Practical JavaScript

Theoretical & Practical JavaScript

freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certificate

Responsive Web Design

Google Data Analytics Certificate: Certificate of Completion

Data Analytics Certificate


Frontend Web Development

Data Analytics

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